[NEWBIE] [MSP] Where to find ?

From: Thomas Henke (ghost@warstein.owl.de)
Date: 01/15/99

Hello there,

I have heard about this "MSP" (Mud Sound Protocol), i saw that several muds,
offer this goodie. So, that many players have a client what supports this
protocol, i started to searched for some more informations on it. But i did
not found much now :(

Perhabs someone of you could help me with following:

  * Has someone (good?) experience in it ?
  * Is it worth to implement ?
  * Are there some documents of it existing ?
  * Where can i find some sources for it ?

Thank you for your help.

MfG... Thomas Henke      - >> Systembetreuung der ACCESS und der W.I.N. << -
- http://www.warstein.owl.de - ghost@warstein.owl.de - cgi@warstein.owl.de -

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