From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/14/99

        If you really wanted people to not multiplay, you'd just write a
client that (upon first connection) assigns itself a number (for unique
id), and also will not run if it finds a copy of itself already running.
If they want to multi, they do it from a different computer altogether,
though most don't have that resource, nor dedication to do that..

        Heck. The easiest way to stop multiplaying is to charge per char.
                (Though I suppose that wouldn't be circle-kosher)


          Point I:  You can't hard code for multiple IP's.
          Point II: You can't expect people to 'manually' catch it.

          result: You can't catch all the people all the time.

        Now figure out something else to worry about...

Obcircle to come when I can think of something worth it....


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