From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 01/15/99

Tom Dailey wrote:

> I beg to differ on this point, Daniel.  With Tintin, you can set up
> an action so that if anyone says or tells to one character it is
> seen by the other character.  I used to to this on a mud (they
> allowed multi's) so that I wouldn't miss tells to my other
> character.

It's not a matter of client software feature sets, or the ability to
script or snoop.  While you can see what is being said to both
characters, can you maintain an active conversation with both
characters?  Even the fastest typist, with the best memory and the
best software, will have difficulty responding to two questions
simultaneously without suffering from being too brief, too slow, or
too confused.  Much like a mousetrap, it works because a fault of
the mouse's mind, not a fault of the mouse's body (although, I'm
not sure how players would respond to your calling them mice).

And if you discover a player who managed to hold two conversations
simultaneously without making any slip-ups, without being slow to
respond, or brief...let him multi.  Hell, he deserves it.


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