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From: Guyang Mao (
Date: 01/19/99

rickard beckman <> wrote:

> A while ago when i test ran my MUD i tried to advance a player to
> immortal level, and the MUD (Circle30blp14) just crashed i recieved a
> error msg (gdb) that something in __select() had gone wrong. I searched
> for anything that i had changed that could have made this error but
> found nothing, i tried to complile the stock Circle30bpl14 and then
> advance a player to immortal level and it crashed (stock) and
> i don't get how that can happened a stock circle that crashes when
> advancing players to immortal level ?
> anyone got any idea or something ?
> // Echion -

My MUD crashes with the same message under GDB (I'm also
using circle30bpl14, with OLC Plus, ascii pfile 2.0b, xap objs with
autoeq.)  I'm pretty sure the xap objs are what's crashing it but
have no idea how.

Also, since I'm using Windows 98 and Cyg-Win 32 (2.1b), I've had
really bad system crashes sometimes when running the MUD,
ones that result in a blue screen error.  The same crashes also
occur if I use msvc++ 5 to compile the MUD.

If you have any ideas or suggestions as to how I can fix this please
let me know!


BTW:  GDB gives no line numbers... just a memory location and
the function, which does not exist in circle...
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