Re: [Code] Levels ?

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/19/99


> My MUD crashes with the same message under GDB (I'm also

 <error msg (gdb) that something in __select() had gone wrong >

> using circle30bpl14, with OLC Plus, ascii pfile 2.0b, xap objs with
> autoeq.)  I'm pretty sure the xap objs are what's crashing it but
> have no idea how.
> Also, since I'm using Windows 98 and Cyg-Win 32 (2.1b), I've had
> really bad system crashes sometimes when running the MUD,
> ones that result in a blue screen error.  The same crashes also
> occur if I use msvc++ 5 to compile the MUD.
> BTW:  GDB gives no line numbers... just a memory location and
> the function, which does not exist in circle...

        It may well be xap_objs, since that version wasn't 100% stable yet
- buyer beware - but I will have both an upgrade patch, and a fix patch
out as soon as I can avoid school long enough.

        If you could print out a full backtrace from gdb, showing the
starting point etc for the crash, and any useful other information, that
would be great, as I do not have windows98 to test on.

        I have been able to get xap objs to crash, mostly when dealing
with created items (like corpses) which were not originally meant to be
rented, but are just the same..

(will be fixed by either making corpses 'unique items' which would work,
or !rent.. or assuming that anything with -1 vnum && no unique flag is
unrentable.. probably the last, since it's true)

        Or, when dealing with the extraction of unique objects (mail, etc),
sometimes there's crashes due to me not using strdup to assign strings,
but rather a simple assignment.. which certainly won't work right.

        If it is something that is not either one of these types, please
mail me, as I'll be interested to hear about it.

        Just as a side note, do we have a version of auoteq that patches
cleanly into bpl14 (or whatever we're on now)?  I grabbed the autoeq
patch, but I believe it was made for bpl11, and though I have no problems
with hand patching, it is hard to make a patch which assumes the existance
of the autoeq for the most recent version without causing .rej files.


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