Re: [NEWBIE] skill additions

From: Jeremy Music (
Date: 01/20/99

A hint for coding by example (one of the very best ways to code)...

Pick a spell that works correctly, use a test character and cast it on
that character and wait for it to wear off, you now have both the "turning
it on" and the "turning it off" message on your screen in front of you.
go to your source directory and:
grep "turning it on" *.c
grep "turning it off" *.c

Did you put your messages in the same place as what showed up with those
greps?  If not, there's your problem, if so, at least now you can make a
new post to this list saying "I know I put the messages in the right

      Wyld Knight - 3333

On Wed, 20 Jan 1999, John Hines wrote:

> Myself and another coder on my mud have recently been adding in skills to our
> mud. We have been using the chap3 document available on the ftp site as a
> guideline. however when we add in the new skills we were not seeing any
> messages from the message file.

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