[NEWBIE] skill additions

From: John Hines (jahweb@grnco.net)
Date: 01/20/99

Myself and another coder on my mud have recently been adding in skills to our
mud. We have been using the chap3 document available on the ftp site as a
guideline. however when we add in the new skills we were not seeing any
messages from the message file.

As an experiment because we had no clue as to what could be wrong with our
additions we decided to add in the sample skill in the document (bearhug).

We both on seperate copies of the mud added in this skill to see if we were
overlooking some small detail.

As with the other skills we have added in the bearhug skill produced no combat
messages. We both added the skill to different copies of our mud so if anything
was overlooked then we are both doing the same thing wrong.

has anyone else had any problems following the document?

has anyone else encountered the same problems with combat messages?

i have also looked in the archives for previous thread on this subject and
havent seen much so i figured since im a newbie anyway i cant make myself look
any more ignorant than i have allready


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