Re: [NEWBIE] skill additions

From: Will Andrews (andrews@TECHNOLOGIST.COM)
Date: 01/22/99

At 02:04 PM 1/20/99 -0600, you wrote:
>Myself and another coder on my mud have recently been adding in skills to our
>mud. We have been using the chap3 document available on the ftp site as a
>guideline. however when we add in the new skills we were not seeing any
>messages from the message file.

If you increase the number of spells in your MUD, and kept the skills at
the end of the spell list, then the FIRST SKILL number will be much higher
than stock circle. Either that, or if they simply mix their spells and
skills together, the stock skill numbers will be the same, but any added
ones will have a large gap between the stock skills and the added skills.
The message file has the number for each skill...if they are simply
incrementing the number in the message file, the new message will not point
to the correct number as defined in spells.h. Combat messages are somewhat
more difficult, and I don't recally how they work really well, since I
removed them and added an auto-messager.


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