[CODE] Strange Errors

From: Julian Buckley (s348266@student.uq.edu.au)
Date: 01/20/99

Hello list...

I've been having this problem for the last 2 weeks or so, and for the
life of me, I cannot figure out why it is doing it.  I have reversed all
the changed since my last backup, and attempted to step through it, but
to no avail.  I use MSVC 4.1 on a Win95 system, with bpl12.

In my last backup, I've repeated every step, and it doesnt do the
following.  I've taken out each section, and placed it back again, but
just as I think I've squashed the problem, it reoccurs in another piece
of that update.

Basically, the problem is if I wear an item, the syslogs copy whatever
is passed through memory at that moment, and thereafter.  It repeats
each syslog line for each item worn.
i.e. similar to the following:

Thu Jan 21 00:25:15 :: New connection.  Waking up.
gethostbyaddr: No error
Thu Jan 21 00:25:15 :: Caniffe [] has connected.
Thu Jan 21 00:25:17 :: Caniffe retrieving crash-saved items and entering
Thu Jan 21 00:25:29 :: Saving Caniffe.
Thu Jan 21 00:25:57 :: Saving Caniffe.
Thu Jan 21 00:25:57 :: Saving Caniffe.
Thu Jan 21 00:25:57 :: You say, 'My god!  It's full of stars!'

At the time, my commands were:
99/99H 100/100M 82/82V >
i                                                        Line 1
You are carrying:
99/99H 100/100M 82/82V > load obj
3022                                    Line 2
You create a long sword.
99/99H 100/100M 82/82V > get
all                                                Line 3
You get a long sword.
A holy bulletin board: you can't take that!
99/99H 100/100M 82/82V > wield
sword                                        Line 4
You wield a long sword.
99/99H 100/100M 82/82V >
save                                                    Line 5
Saving Caniffe.
99/99H 100/100M 82/82V > load obj
3032                                      Line 6
You create a bag.
99/99H 100/100M 82/82V > get
bag                                                Line 7
You get a bag.
99/99H 100/100M 82/82V > hold
bag                                              Line 8
You grab a bag.
979/979H 100/100M 82/82V >
save                                                 Line 9
Saving Caniffe.

Line #9 corresponds with the syslog dumps at 00:25.57a, whilst Line #5
was at 00:25.29a.  The "you say" line (from the Puff spec_proc) is
indepent from the # of items worn, and was in memory when syslog dumped
the "Saving Caniffe's".  I've spent ages attempting to track this, but
aren't getting anywhere.  Unless there are other means, is there anyone
willing for me to email them the diff/patch file I've made bwn my last
working source and the latest one, and look over it to try and find out
what's causing this?  My guess is I've overlooked something within it,
that maybe someone else can spot...


Julian Buckley, 3rd Year Computer Systems Engineering
Dept. Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, Univ. of Qld
E-Mail: s348266@student.uq.edu.au
Web Page: http://student.uq.edu.au/~s348266/index.html

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