Re: Circle Newbie shopkeeper

From: Julian Buckley (
Date: 01/20/99

> Can somebody tell me how to get the shopkeeper
> to put an object under the counter. I want him to
> buy an object but not sell it.
> Please dont flame me I tried most of the different
> bitvectors for objects.

I dont believe there's a shop howto, but here's the general gist of it:

1. Make a shopkeeper;
2. Make a new shop (sedit or however you do it);
3. In sedit, choose what products he sells ("Products Menu") by their
vnums, and what products he accepts ("Accept types").
4. Set up opening times, who not to trade with etc;
5. In zedit, on each reset, make all those items you wish to sell appear
in that shopkeepers inventory. (i.e. "Give item to mobile").

When in doubt, take a look at the Baker of Midgaard.


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