Re: [CODE][ASCII PFILES] Bug Fixes - obcircle relative directions

From: Invincibill (
Date: 01/21/99

how about going through the code for the pfiles and fix the bugs? this
accomplishes a number of things.
1) you learn how your code works.
2) you learn more about coding
3) you dont post messages to the list that have been answered already.

if you dont have time to look through previous posts you dont have time
to run a mud.

i would imagine that since its sammy's code, he would have the bug
or may i suggest the alex's snippets page or the ceramic mouse? or any
number of other sites devoted to circle? or didnt you have time to check
them out either?  i guess somebody else has time and should do it for

you werent looking for help. you were looking for somebody to do your
legwork for you.  (translate that as "being lazy")

also, here are my commands for the relative directions. i couldnt think
of any better ones. do these look okay? or do i need to find more clear

i really dont like the "about" ones, but i sure cant think of anything
more clear. any ideas?

ob circle

i have just implemented relative directions on my mud. ie forward,
about, right, left. i was wondering if any other muds do this and if you
get complaints from the users about it. how well do they adapt?
i dont use them all the time, just when the players cant see or are
underground or underwater. my imms think its a really slick idea, but
i'm more concerned about if it will be more of a hassle than its worth
for the players. its certainly confusing to me when i try to get around
by them. :)*actually, that was the intent of them, so i guess i was

"Mark Vanness Jr." wrote:
> Sorry for the HTML thingy, forgot to change that.  And another thing, when
> someone asks for Bug Fixes for ASCII PFiles, I REALLY don't think you can
> get much more blunt than that.  That means I am looking for them ALL not
> just one or 2 of them.  I was looking for help, not to be bitched at by you.
> I KNOW that may be hard for you.  But I am sure you can get along.
> >
> >Could you be a little more vague?  And if its possibe (I know it's tough),
> >could you *not* send HTML messages to the list?
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