Re: [CODE][ASCII PFILES] Bug Fixes - obcircle relative directions

From: Mark Vanness Jr. (
Date: 01/21/99

No, I was NOT being lazy, OK?  I have already fixed the damn PFiles to work
right, without the lists help, I have done it 4 or 5 times.  But I was
interested in the bug fixes other people had.

Mmmmmmkay????  I "KNOW" for a fact that there are other bug fixes for it,
and I have searched through the archives, and haven't found any for 2.0b.

Sammy told me to check the archives for the fixes, so I did, and didn't find
what I was looking for, I was ASKING FOR SOME HELP not a lecture from

I CHECKED Alex's page, AND Ceramic Mouse, infact I go to that site EVERY

Don't sit there and accuse me of being lazy, unlike you I have a life, I
have things to do, MUDding is just a hobby of mine.

Okay?  Now if your not going to help me, then don't sit there and lecture
me, I don't need it.  I read many emails per day, and the last thing I need
is an email from some 17 year old kid telling me that I am lazy.  I don't
sit on my computer 24/7.

Thanks anyway.

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>how about going through the code for the pfiles and fix the bugs? this
>accomplishes a number of things.
>1) you learn how your code works.
>2) you learn more about coding
>3) you dont post messages to the list that have been answered already.
>if you dont have time to look through previous posts you dont have time
>to run a mud.
>i would imagine that since its sammy's code, he would have the bug
>or may i suggest the alex's snippets page or the ceramic mouse? or any
>number of other sites devoted to circle? or didnt you have time to check
>them out either?  i guess somebody else has time and should do it for
>you werent looking for help. you were looking for somebody to do your
>legwork for you.  (translate that as "being lazy")
>also, here are my commands for the relative directions. i couldnt think
>of any better ones. do these look okay? or do i need to find more clear
>i really dont like the "about" ones, but i sure cant think of anything
>more clear. any ideas?
>ob circle
>i have just implemented relative directions on my mud. ie forward,
>about, right, left. i was wondering if any other muds do this and if you
>get complaints from the users about it. how well do they adapt?
>i dont use them all the time, just when the players cant see or are
>underground or underwater. my imms think its a really slick idea, but
>i'm more concerned about if it will be more of a hassle than its worth
>for the players. its certainly confusing to me when i try to get around
>by them. :)*actually, that was the intent of them, so i guess i was
>"Mark Vanness Jr." wrote:
>> Sorry for the HTML thingy, forgot to change that.  And another thing,
>> someone asks for Bug Fixes for ASCII PFiles, I REALLY don't think you can
>> get much more blunt than that.  That means I am looking for them ALL not
>> just one or 2 of them.  I was looking for help, not to be bitched at by
>> I KNOW that may be hard for you.  But I am sure you can get along.
>> >
>> >Could you be a little more vague?  And if its possibe (I know it's
>> >could you *not* send HTML messages to the list?
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