Re: ascii pfiles...was [CODE][ASCII PFILES] Bug Fixes

From: Invincibill (
Date: 01/22/99

Christopher Avans wrote:
> should ask yourself do i realy want ASCII Pfiles whats the diffrence? The
> advantages? disadvantages and if you cant answer any of these depending on
> run time execution load or diffrence between ide or scsii ASCII saves
> (Ie if you on a SCSII3 and move to a non scsii u screwed if you have
> ASCII), you should stick with the stock binary pfiles which are handled
> _well_. And as far as someone on this post claiming the ASCII loads faster
> or as fast as binary and saves memory My SE teacher at my graduate school
> got a great laugh at your expense. sorry.

why wouldnt both implementations take up the same amount of memory? you
into the char list and index, which are the same regardless of whether
use ascii or binary files. at least i think so.  also, i would imagine
the time difference we are talking here between loading ascii and binary
or saving them  is a matter of a few miliseconds. when you are talking
human interaction, you can say they are the same for all intents and
i have my own implementation of ascii pfiles, and i would have to
recommend them
to anybody, anytime anyway over binary.  they are SO much more easy to
deal with
there is really no comparison.  loading a single one may even be faster
you dont have to search through a great big file looking for the record
you want.
you just get the filename of it and load it right up. but i am curious.
just to see
tomorrow i'll dload the latest build of circle and do some time trials.

anybody know right of hand any functions which measure time down to the
are there any?

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