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Date: 01/22/99

Daniel Koepke wrote:
> ObCircle: (RE: Relative Directions)
> I implemented relative directions for areas where the sky was not
> visible to help you find your bearings.  Of course, I also added
> such things as compasses so you could continue to use the cardinal
> directions, and landmarks that could be used for finding your
> position.  This was all a long time ago.  My immortals were less
> favorable of it than yours, and some players liked it, others
> hated it.  My directions were considerably simpler:

how did you do the landmarks?

>   forward
>   back
>   turn [right/left] (shortcuts: "tr" and "tl")
> In addition, some spatial information was added to the rooms for
> internal processing, so that we could tell the player what things
> they were facing.

very interesting. might i inquire as to how you went about this? did you
an extra facing_description into the room struct? or did you pull it out
the exit description?(i guess thats a bit much)
i have implemented walk_in, walk_out and cant_walk descriptions i
suppose adding
a facing_descript would be the simplest way.

i have mine set up so if they type left, they actually move in that
i take it, yours just turned them and kept them in the same place?

i had thought about this and opted to move them, but how that i see it
the way
you typed it, i kinda like it better. or perhaps i could do both.

>   The Inner-Chamber [underground | brief]
>   You are facing a massive stone door.
>   > tr
>   You turn to face a wall of the cavern.
>   > tl
>   You turn to face a massive stone door.
>   > tl
>   You turn to face a passage leading away from here.
>   > for
>   You walk into the passage.
>   A Passageway [underground | brief]
>   The passage continues ahead of you.
>   > tr
>   You turn to face a wall of the passage.
>   > tr
>   You turn to face an opening into an inner-chamber.
>   > back
>   You back up further into the passage.
>   A Passageway [underground | brief]
> You get the picture.  Also added was "look forward/back/right/left".
> -dak

thanks dak.

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