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From: Chris Jacobson (
Date: 01/23/99

On 1/23/99 3:29 AM, Daniel Koepke ( stated:

>Poorly.  In essence, I defined a landmark "object" which would be placed
>in a particular room, and define how it helped orient players.
>Surrounding rooms from which the landmark was visible would then have a
>pointer to the nearby object, and a check was made to see if the player
>could orient himself and use cardinal directions.  Several problems arise
>with this system, however.  One problem is how a player manages to orient
>himself can't necessarily be neatly explained away, making this somewhat
>counter-productive to the realism the system otherwise enforces.  For
>example, Bob walks into an area he has never been in before, and comes
>within range of landmark X.  The landmark is visible, so if Bob knows he
>can use it in such a way, he can orient himself with it.  But, since Bob
>has never been here and never seen X, how does he know he can use it to
>orient himself?

Perhaps landmarks would be discussed?  Assume it is part of the
character's knowledge, perhaps picked up in a conversation with some
prior visitors of an area before coming to that area.  Or you could have
the zones themselves require 'familiarizing' before the landmarks in that
zone would work for the player.

- Chris Jacobson

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