Too many open files

From: Chris Rehbein (
Date: 01/23/99

 Hey all..

 Has anyone ever gotten the message "Too many open files" while running their
mud?  Check this out:

Sat Jan 23 12:42:10 :: Zarf [] has connected.
Sat Jan 23 12:42:11 :: Leto [] has connected.
SYSERR: READING OBJECT FILE plrobjs/U-Z/zarf.objs (5): Too many open     files
Sat Jan 23 12:42:13 :: Zarf entering game with no equipment.
error opening output file: Too many open files
[lint@chimera log]$

When more than two people log on, the mud dies with this message. Is it
possible that the machine I'm running the mud on limits the number of open
files I can have?  This is getting to be a HUGE problem here, and any help
would be greatly appreciated.

 Chris R.

"The Truth Against the World..."

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