Re: Character "Vehicles"

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/23/99

> Actually, i was thinking more on the lines of...
> "Mob loads with player, player forced to drive." So, player loaded in
> vehicle.
> It's slightly difficult to transfer the mob vehicles to objects, unless
> you know a way i could do this with ease. I know i'd have to switch some
> of the structures around from char_file_u to obj_elem or somethin wacky
> like that.

        Depends on what you want your vehicles to do.. do you want them to
take damage? or what.. if you really want them to be mobs, you'll have to
save alot of stats... do you really need all that space, plus the extra
effort to do write seperate saving/other routines to just load in a mob,
that's probably - baring 3-4 stats - exactly like every other one?

        Objects already have this 3-4 stat saving power, if you're
creative.  Just look for certain types and deal differently based on that.

> Also, I wouldn't mind making these "vehicles" so you can mount things
> such as weapons on them. You think this would be better for objects? I'm
> really not sure it would. It's easier for the mob to hold you, defend
> you, and fire a machine gun or something in it's inventory.
> Just a thought.

        Once again, depends on how lazy you are - it sounds like rather
than mob or obj, you make a new type of structure all together, since
either (at least, as a mech) has not enough required to be a 'full' mob,
and possibly too much to be an object?

Of course, you can make the object have a list (container? *winks*) of
things that are mounted upon it, upgrades, etc.  Just have a check on
when you put-in/remove.

        When you say vehicle, I think something that you are inside - you
are not responsible for say, person-to-person combat?  You also don't have
something like a mechanical suit - that would merely be you, with altered
stats - you'd have like a tank.. each movement of that tank would have to
be caused by a movement by you...
        When A tank defends you, it only does so because its outer skin
accepts damage, it attacks back only when you press the boom button, after
rotating the turret, or when you pull the trigger on the mounted machine
gun.  Pretty much the first is a series of movements unlike hand-to-hand,
whereas the second uses you for the fighting (aim) and damage (weapon)
ability just like normal - a simple check could transfer the majority of
the damage to the vehicle, and you're set.

        The only flaw? If you want your vehicles to work like a huge
- you - in battle, that sort of thing won't happen exactly... you should
just basically make a function like the immortal switch, and use a mob -
save its stats in your pfile, or (like I said) as an object.. unless
you're really psycho about it, you can probably make enough out of the
objects variables to be able to not-worry about it, and save yourself the
trouble ......

        Unless you want to make a new type of save file, or start saving a
full mob (or deux or more) in the pfile, I still say objects is the best
way to go.


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