Re: Character "Vehicles"

From: Nick Stout (
Date: 01/23/99

In some ways, i agree that objs make a better vehicle, but think...
If there were a way to add into your pfiles that you own a mob with this
this and this wielded, when you quit the mob purges itself, and when you
enter the mob loads equipped with you... This would eliminate
all the need for the large code conversion, and...
You get real live mobs that fight for you. That's the thing i really
like. Objects don't actually fight unless you code them directly to, but
mobs, you could code to have 5 new equipment slots, such as gun1, gun2,
gun3, and 2 other slots, you could have them use all these just like...
You type "kill <person>" and the mech innitiates attack with some simple
machine gun or something. Then you type "launch missile" and it begins
to fire it's missile racks. Then you type "launch ppc" (you guys that
like mechwarrior are gonna enjoy this) and, it launches a giant blue
energy ball.
I don't know. While objects are more customizable, and easier to load on
you, mobs are... The standard in battle, because they fight back.
You can make it so that when you're in a vehicle, you take reduced (x/5)
damage. And you can do a check to allow weapon launching while in your
But the ultimate question is... How would i put this "mobload" into
actual code? It would have to be a number (or 5-10 numbers) loaded into
your pfile. (i have ascii pfiles).
One number would be the "vehiclemobvnum". That means, on game entrance,
make this mob load itself for you.
All the other numbers would be the mob's eq. This would include guns,
engines, shields, etc.
This is possible in code. I mean, it sort of has to be. You load the
character, and if the character has a "vehiclemobvnum" stored in the
pfile, it loads that after the character is in the game.
And then somehow you can load the eq on the mob, sort of like a zone
type thing.
Code-wise, however, i don't really know where to even start. Probably in
case 1 of interpreter.c's nanny(); although you'd have to be careful how
the check worked. If you weren't, it would load a null item, and
possibly nuke the mud. So, obviously, this isn't gonna be easy.
Comments? Suggestions?

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