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From: Kim Würtz (kosmos@silkeborg.bib.dk)
Date: 01/23/99

Hi all this is my first "cry out" for help..

I was trying to complie my circle3 stock just downloaded from circle ftp.

I'm useing gcc(some version i dont know)
and Linux Redhat as OS.

I'd created a account called: mud on wich i placed all the files
Then I logon as user: mud

I then had to use sh ./configure to make it run the configuration
when I try to run: make all this happens.

[mud@adk src]$ make all
make: execvp: ./licheck: Permission denied
make: *** [.accepted] Error 127

I then tried to chmod 666 *
so I knew it wasent the rights there was the problem.

the same thing happend then i su to root and still i get the permission
denied thing..

Anyone know what's wrong please help me out..

 - Thanks

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