Re: Xapobjs - was <[NEWBIE] [ZEDIT] Door and New Zone errors>

From: Guyang Mao (
Date: 01/24/99

Patrick Dughi <> wrote:

>         Thank you much, and to George too, but I'm mostly looking for
> crashes coming from a 'live' game... I'm just running everything through
> gdb when I have a chance, using creative logging messages, and nagging the
> server owner when I have a chance.
>         I actually have my own machine too, which runs everything quite
> fine, and the debugger actually works, but.... alas, it's the odd core
> files that crop up from a running game. Oh well.

Well, I'm running win98 with Cygwin 32 2.1b, and usually gdb does
work.  However, with the xapobjs, if I had a unique item loading, the
program makes win98 itself crash and gives me a blue screen of
death error :P

I hope that helps :)

BTW:  Please send me what fixes you have so I can take a look at

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