Xapobjs - was <[NEWBIE] [ZEDIT] Door and New Zone errors>

From: Patrick Dughi (dughi@imaxx.net)
Date: 01/22/99

> I'm almost positive that zedit-new-and-edit-crash is a bug in OLC+.
> I've not been able to do a gdb reading on it yet (mostly because I'm
> having a **** of a time trying to narrow down the xap objects bugs)
> but if you zedit new, shutdown and reboot, and edit the zone then it
> should be fine.

I'm curious, which bugs are you experiencing - gdb backtraces prefered.

        I've already fixed all the crash/improper load bugs that I could
find, but I don't remember all the fixes I had to make.
                No, i'm not clinically brain dead.

        Mostly, its hard to remember something like 4-5 minor tweaks in a
5 minute period while running a 'live' mud and making it not crash with
users on, and fixing it in the 30 seconds it takes to come back up (well,
almost fixing it).

        Of course, that was when I had just written it, and had the entire
'state' of the code in my head.  Which is good, cause the server got
reinstalled and for some reason, my coredumpsize is locked to 0, and set

        But, if you can give me gdb traces on the crash, I'm almost
certain I can figure out the problem.  As I said before, the only two
major ones I can see....


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