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From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/22/99

> patrick,
> if you want/need a shell account so you can do debugging, i can set you
> up with one. i got a 768k pipe and a machine dedicated to just my mud.
> just let me know if you need it.
        Thank you much, and to George too, but I'm mostly looking for
crashes coming from a 'live' game... I'm just running everything through
gdb when I have a chance, using creative logging messages, and nagging the
server owner when I have a chance.

        I actually have my own machine too, which runs everything quite
fine, and the debugger actually works, but.... alas, it's the odd core
files that crop up from a running game. Oh well.

        Thanks again for the offer though, it is not unappreciated.



        (Thought you thought I forgot that one!)

        I know I brought this up a while ago, but since I decided to
restart the project, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas about
polymorhing chars?

        The points I'm most curious to hear about is not the 'hows' - I
can code it (the base function is done..), but rather 'what' should I
code.  I started thinking what a can of worms that would be to introduce
it to a game..

First, power aspects:

        Most mobs, since they have few skills, make up for it with
incredible damage, hitpoints, and # of attacks (on some muds).  How can we
let average player _x_ who suddenly has the ability to polymorh, into one
of these terrible creatures?
        Bar use of armor/weapons?  How about skills/spells?

Second, saving aspects:

        This part is difficult to decide..I've seen several polymorph
implementations, usually they take the real body, throw it in a room
somewhere inaccessable, and load up monster _x_, and transfer from there.
But what happens if you save as the monster? Shouldn't you come back and
still be able to get your stuff? What if you crash?
        Maybe another playerfile (on a per-player basis) for polymorphs,
to switch between their saved-to-the-pfile char and their polymorphed one?
Load the correct one..of all places.. load time?

Third, mob skils:

        Some mobs have innate spells/skills.. most dragons on any good mud
breath fire, or something.  How would this work? Make a new list of mob
skills and base it on mana?

        Well, if anyone has a good idea about any of these, I'd love to
hear it.. I'd like to promise that I could release a patch for this, but I
really shiver to think of how much this could mess up someone's game :)


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