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From: Maximum Carnage (
Date: 01/27/99

Um when I installed that patch it didn't have OLC support whats so ever.
One other thing about using that patch you won't get the online-trigger
editor and no OLC support for the triggers.  I found that, which I don't
know if you have OLC installed already or not, is that if you go into the
mob file or other and tell it to load a specific trigger it will do it,
yet if you use olc to edit that thing later on when olc goes back to save
it won't save your trigger information.  Oh wellz, have fun:>

-Smillie, IMP
MAximum Carnage 6669

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Neal Robinson. wrote:

> Thanks to those who answered my question about shopkeepers
> and about trains.c I really tried hard but trains.c would not work.
> Perhaps it should carry a warning, WILL NOT WORK etc.
> Anyway after looking in many places places I found a file called
> *dg_pl5a_no_olc_patch.gz* which looks like what I am looking
> for,  it seems to be a script orientated trigger programme,. I am
> handpatching it. for Win98 wont let Cygnus write/patch to files or
> something, but hey its only about 3000 lines, i am about 25%
> finished and about as red eyed as it gets.
> Has any body got any ideas, as to if my internet provider
> will let me put a mud where a homepage could go?
> just floating an idea!
> well thanks to the list and hope I can answer a problem one day.
> regards Neal.
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