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From: Xual (
Date: 01/27/99

On Wed, 27 Jan 1999, Neal Robinson. wrote:

> Thanks to those who answered my question about shopkeepers
> and about trains.c I really tried hard but trains.c would not work.
> Perhaps it should carry a warning, WILL NOT WORK etc.

Perhaps it was written for a different patchlevel than what you are
using...  In any case, there is a warning, on every place I can remember
that snippets and patches are available to download. Something to the
effect of "not all of these snippets will work with your version of code,
so be prepared to fix one or two bugs that may arise..." -- quoted from
the Ceramic Mouse snippets page.

> Anyway after looking in many places places I found a file called
> *dg_pl5a_no_olc_patch.gz* which looks like what I am looking
> for,  it seems to be a script orientated trigger programme,. I am
> handpatching it. for Win98 wont let Cygnus write/patch to files or
> something, but hey its only about 3000 lines, i am about 25%
> finished and about as red eyed as it gets.
> Has any body got any ideas, as to if my internet provider
> will let me put a mud where a homepage could go?

I wouldn't count on it, most ISP's won't even give you a shell, let alone
run something like a MUD.  There are quite a few mud hosting services
available (, planetmud and Mr. Evans' project, Kilnar
Networking Services come to mind) which are fairly cheap, and (hopefully)
have way better customer support than the ISP's I've dealt with.

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