All newbies, read.

From: Brandon Brown (
Date: 01/28/99

Alright, well, forgive me for this outburst... but I can't stand my email box
being spammed by questions like "Where do I download Circle" and "How do I
find such-and-such in the code?"

First, and foremost, make sure you've read the CircleMUD mailing list FAQ,
located at: [].
That'll help you solve some of the simplier questions you have about the list,
and will help reduce spam and flames.

Secondly, below, I've included a list of various sites where the new Circle
coders can find patches, snippets, and tutorials on coding in CircleMUD.
Please, please..check these sites for tutorials or patches before you ask the
list.  Also, try checking the archives (URL below) to see if somebody else has
already answered your questions.

**CircleMUD List Archives: [
bin/listserv/wa?S1=circle ] **

CircleMUD FTP ......   [ ]

Ceramic Mouse (snippets, various code patches).... [

CircleMUD Solutions (another one of George's sites... basically the same as
 [ ]

Various bookmarked tutorials, etc:

OasisOLC Handbook (Circle FTP)....
[ ]

M. Levine's tutorial on adding levels (a little outdated, but still should
[ ]

J Donnis' tutorial on adding classes...
[ ]

WhiteDemon's tutorial on adding worn-positions (CM) ....
[ ]

Various other documents (chapter-by-chapter on coding in here too)...
[ ]

I hope that helps to answer alot of your general questions, therefore reducing
spam to the mailing list.

 B. Brown
 Lead Programmer, TimeTravellerMUD

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