Re: All newbies, read.

From: Phillip A Ames (
Date: 01/28/99

On Thu, 28 Jan 1999 20:28:31 EST Brandon Brown <> writes:
>Alright, well, forgive me for this outburst... but I can't stand my
email box
>being spammed by questions like "Where do I download Circle" and "How do
>find such-and-such in the code?"

THANK YOU! I was waiting for *SOMEONE* to do this, and if nobody did it
soon, I was about to get rather angry at some people who asked some
stupid questions.  Anyway, I have an ObCircle :)

I'm interested in writing a space combat system(Those of you who have
played a MU* such as DarkMirror, Star Wars Reality MUD, and a couple of
others know what this is).  But for those of you who don't, it's a system
where you've got your ship, and it has its xyz pos, and you can go fly it
around at different speeds and effectively blow up other players w/it if
you're good :)  As I'm relatively inexperienced with C, I'm a bit
hesitant to take on this project all by my little lonesome, and I was
wondering if someone who has a bit more experience than me would be
interested in working with me on this project.  I'd be more than willing
to do the code, but as I don't know *HOW* to do some of this stuff, I'd
need a sort of guiding hand from time to time.  Anyone who'd like to help
me, send me a mail(, and, like Mr. Brown suggested, don't
spam the list please :)  Thanks in advance,


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