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From: Richard Glover (
Date: 01/28/99

It should be based on your concept/theme of the mud.  If you were running a
Kung-fu mud then you might want to lower your levels to 8 or so for the
various belts, or 20 or so if you had a military mud with all the ranks in
it...or 127 levels...just because.

For me, I think it should be left alone or around 50...ya 50 is a good

Watch your storage method for the level in the char_data or you may have
overflows with people of -100 level and such.


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      Hello I'm interested in adding new levels to my CircleMUD.  I don't
want to many of them yet don't want to few.  What does everyone  consider a
MUD to have TO MANY levels?

    Thank you

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