Re: Levels

From: Invincibill (
Date: 01/29/99

if i remember correctly, levels are a short int(or a char). that means
you can only store up to 256(or if its a signed short int 128) if you
try to go a higher level than that you get overflow. that may be your
problem. however without some debugging statements or some code or
something, anything, nobody can provide anything more than guestimates.

David Wiklund wrote:
> I was testing adding levels to my mud me and a friend is working on and
> suddenly
> I get the bright idea that I should make 1000lvls :) 200mortals and rest
> immortal lvls
> this is so that the imms wont advance too fast even if they are VERY
> creative...
> When I was done with this everything worked fine... I logged in... creted my
> char and I had 1000lvls.. everything was great except... when I tried to log
> in the next time I can't log in...
> noone can. And no error or anything in the logs.
> Anyone have any idea what is wrong?
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