Re: SV: Levels

From: Will Andrews (andrews@TECHNOLOGIST.COM)
Date: 01/29/99

At 10:24 AM 1/29/99 +0100, you wrote:
>I remade the short int's to int. (they worked the first time I logged in)
>The big riddle for me is why it started freaking out the second time I
>logged on...
>And the log only says :
>Odin logged in.
>Closed connection to Odin.

The MUD probably timed out because it couldn't decide how to handle your
level value, which is a number larger than the level variable is designed
to handle.

On a side notice, could you and all future people who bother to post to
this mailing list PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to cut out everything from
the message you reply to except for the part you are already replying to
(like for example, the last four lines of every message). This doesn't
apply to those who do follow this simple etiquette rule.

I'm sure you have and everyone else has heard: READ THE FUCKING MANUAL
(okay, FAQ)!!

In reply to those who answered my question about Linux<->FreeBSD
transportability.. I think it's possible that I may have overlooked
rerunning ./configure. Let you know more when and if I can get access to
compile on a Linux system.

Ta-ta. (No I won't spare any cussing, so don't ask)

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