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From: Invincibill (
Date: 01/29/99

my apologies to the rest of the list. there is no obcircle. but i felt
strongly enough about this post to replay. i am sending it to the list
in the hopes that a few others will read it and not pull this kind of
stunt in the future...

in reply to Will Andrews...

yes, at times it's a bit irritating and annoying that the rules of the
are not adhered to. i can feel your pain.

however sir,  i do not appreciate your language nor your blatant
disregard for
common netiquette(did i spell that right?). in that sense, you are worse
the individuals you would berate. they, for the most part, are acting
out of
ignorance and can learn.  language of this nature is not required to get
point across. all it does is succeed in displaying the fact that you are
arrogant, pompous and immature and your messages should be ignored.


Will Andrews wrote:
> On a side notice, could you and all future people who bother to post to
> this mailing list PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE remember to cut out everything from
> the message you reply to except for the part you are already replying to
> (like for example, the last four lines of every message). This doesn't
> apply to those who do follow this simple etiquette rule.
> I'm sure you have and everyone else has heard: READ THE FUxxING MANUAL
> (okay, FAQ)!!
---> snip

> Ta-ta. (No I won't spare any cussing, so don't ask)

i'm not asking, i'm insisting. grow up or go elsewhere to rant and act
a child.

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