Re: reply to Donald P Taylor.

From: Xual (
Date: 01/29/99

> I am gonna take you advice and am getting a copy of Linux, will it be able to
> "find my screen card" and sound card etc.(I have nothing exotic)?
> Can i use any version (maybe a dumb question!)
> What is the way to setup a dual boot? (detailed or referance work please)
> Is OasisOLC recommended?

Any version of Linux?  Sure, but I'd recommend RedHat as a good place to
start, it's one of the easiest (in my exp) to get set up and running.
Lilo is the best way to set up dual booting, I'm pretty sure the RedHat
install manual details the procedure.  OasisOLC is a beautiful thing, as
is DG Scripts, and luckily you can get them together in one package.

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