Re: [Newbie][code]adding classes.

From: Axiem (
Date: 01/29/99

Phreak404 wrote:

> I was just messing around..and decided to add the class Assassin to my
> code. I changed all of the files needed. The class loads fine, but then
> when i try to learn in the guild room I set aside. vnum room 6666, it
> won't let me. I have the guildmaster loaded in there, he is vnum mob
> 6666, I was just wondering if there was a flag I forgot to set on this
> guy or what, also when it first loads and a person enters the room, I
> get the error SYSERR: the assassin's guildmaster (#6666): Attempting to
> call non-existing mob function. I patterned the guildmaster off of the
> thief guildmaster, pretty much just cut and pasted the flags too. Is
> there something I forgot to change?
> anthony, newbie coder
> "Yes I have read the FAQ"

Good. You at least read the fact. As my crystal ball is in the shop,
however, I can only conceptualize that your problem may be a typo. I'd
suggest runnin over the relevent code again, adding log()s in there, to
attempt to pinpoint exactly _where_ your problem is, and then attempt to
isolate then fix the problem. It's worked for me on several occasions, such
as when I added anti-sex flags (don't ask) to my objects. Check that all
the words are correct and that the declarations are in the right place.
Beyond that, don't think anybody can really help without code.


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