Re: [Newbie][code]adding classes.

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 01/29/99

> > I was just messing around..and decided to add the class Assassin to my
> > code. I changed all of the files needed. The class loads fine, but then
> > when i try to learn in the guild room I set aside. vnum room 6666, it
> > won't let me. I have the guildmaster loaded in there, he is vnum mob
> > 6666, I was just wondering if there was a flag I forgot to set on this
> > guy or what, also when it first loads and a person enters the room, I
> > get the error SYSERR: the assassin's guildmaster (#6666): Attempting to
> > call non-existing mob function. I patterned the guildmaster off of the
> > thief guildmaster, pretty much just cut and pasted the flags too. Is
> > there something I forgot to change?
> >

        Sounds like you never assigned the actual guild-master specprocs,
though you may have set the spec proc flag. Look for the vnum of your
thief (or other) guild masters in spec_assign.c and make sure you're
setting it.  All learning and prac'ing is, after all, just a spec proc.


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