Re: bug report

From: Xual (
Date: 01/30/99

On Sun, 31 Jan 1999, Edward J Glamkowski wrote:

> ROOM_SOUNDPROOF doesn't fully work (at least, not in
> the way that I would expect, given the name of the
> flag ;)
> It will block 'tell' correctly, buy not 'say'.
> Goto room 1202 (the ice box) and say something, then
> try telling someone something.
> It's a trivial fix, but it is something for George
> to clean up in the next release :)

The last time I was in a soundproof room, I had no problem hearing what my
friend (yes I have a couple) standing beside me said.   However, if that
same friend stood outside the room and screamed, I wouldn't hear them
(assuming the door was closed). I think that's the point of the
ROOM_SOUDPROOF flag, although I don't think that open doors are taken
into account.

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