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From: *Erekosė* (
Date: 01/30/99

Well I tried to get OLC but I'm not very good at hand patching and right now
I'm running a Windose box for my MUD... Since It's not good enough to be
available to players yet it's just in testing. So I haven't put it on a *nix
box. So if I could get OLC I would except that normally the only way to get it
is through a patch and patching doesn't work under Windose. Any help you could
offer. Thanks TonZ


> Get OasisOLC. That's Oasis OnLine Creation -- if you haven't modified
> anything much in your copy of CircleMUD.. simply get the patch for the
> latest version of OasisOLC (v1.6b?) at
> (may be changed to
> by now).
> You could ask George <greerga@CircleMUD.ORG> for more help, he's the guy
> who maintains OasisOLC's source code to this day. If you have questions
> that relate more to CircleMUD, read the FAQ and the docs first then give us
> a call.
> Toodles.
> --Acme, Maintenance Implementor & Demi-Coder [NIC: WA915]
> The Black Dawn -- -- telnet://

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