Re: Experience

From: Del Minturn (
Date: 01/30/99

Shane Augustine wrote:
> Hi I added 50 mortal levels to my mud and now I'm trying to balance the
> mud,
> however I'm having difficult trying to fix the xp gained and xp to next
> level.
> Does anyone have an easy way to do this or perhaps a formula that can be
> used?
> Thanks

I took an excel spreadsheet and made a table that calculated the
experience needed. First thing I decided was the experience needed to
the immortal level. Once figured all that out for each class, I took the
number of levels and devided it down like this. Level 30 needed 10% of
total experience level 29 needed .9 of total and worked it down from
there. (.8 .71 .63 ... ). Each lower level needed a smaller amount of
the total experience.
These are not exact figures and it took me a while to get the numbers to
work out right. But once I got it, things seemed perfect. The
percentages went across each class perfectly. (I did round off some
exp's that may have come out to something like 11800 to 12000). Plugged
em in to the code and works great.

I hope the idea helps regardless of the number of levels if you want to
figure out the amount of experience. First you need to decide what the
total experience needed is.

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