Re: [AD]

From: Luis Pedro Passos Carvalho (
Date: 02/01/99

>We need many many builders on our mud.  Please apply at
> 4001
>We need people who work quickly, and who have the time to build about 1
>zone every month.

Quantity over quality? I'm not sure that's a good option. I'm not a builder myself,
but I know that building a good zone takes some time.

If you need a world base real fast, you can always search public areas in the web.

I can't tell you any site from memory, but I know that MudConnect has some links
under it's resources section (

Then as your builders finish their zones you can replace the public ones if you don't
want them, or just add to the world.

Hmm... unless you're not building a fantasy mud... then you might have a problem.

Still, quantity over quality is a bad choice IMHO.

Luis Carvalho

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