Lex/Yacc or Bison - Parsers

From: Luis Pedro Passos Carvalho (lpcarvalho@sonae.pt)
Date: 02/01/99


Since I talked about Lex/Yacc parsers, and since I don't like to just ask for things, without helping out,
I thought of beginning the work on the parsers I talked about some time ago.

I was thinking of beginning on the world parser. So I would like to collect opinions on some things:

1. When you need to extend your world format how do you go about it?

2. Would you like to maintain compatability with the current world format or having a convertor would be

3. Have you got any proposal that would radically alter the format? It's somewhat connected with the previous one.

4. Should I use bison or yacc? bison is more advanced, but i'm not sure if it is as portable as yacc.

George and Jeremy,

I would really like your input on this since you have a clearer idea on how Circle should evolve, at least in terms
of compatability with previous versions.


Luis Carvalho

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