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From: Fizal (
Date: 02/01/99

---Chris Egner <> wrote:
> 1) I don't really understand how the zones work. Can
>someone explain that?

BUILDING.TXT actually explains what the zone/world files consist of.
In summary, a zone in mud consist of 4/5 files/part:
1. the world (.wld) file which sets up the rooms in the zone.
2. the mob (.mob) file which sets up the mobs that should be occupying
the zone.
3. the object (.obj) file which sets up the objects that should be
available in the zone.
4. the shop (.shp) file, an optional file, which sets up the shops in
the zone, if any.
5. the zone (.zon) file, which is the main file of a zone. This file
contains instructions telling in which room a mob (M command) or an
object (O command) should be, what should the mob be wearing (E
command) or have in hand (G command), if an item should be in a
container (P command) or should it be totally removed (R command) from
the room, as well as whether the door (D command) should be closed or
openned and how often should the zone reset itself.

> 2) As you know, CircleMUD does not come with an OLC,
>could you please suggest one, and tell me why its a
>good one to use.

Different people will have different preferences. Even when choosing
OLC. Some prefers it to be command-line like, while others prefer
menu-driven. Someone suggested OasisOLC or OLC+ which is menu-driven,
thus easier for most people. If you prefer command-line like, go for
OBuild (I think....)

> 3) I have split this question into 3 parts, because
>they're all interlinked.
> 3a) How do you change the max levels?

Carefully :P I do believe there's a doc on this somewhere. Anyway,
you'll have to remember to change the level limits at several places
as well, like exp needed to gain, titles for each class, etc. Another
thing that you'll have to remember is that if you want to set the max
level too high, better change it from short int to int.

> 3b) How do you change/add new imm type variables?

New imm type variables??

> 3c) How do you alter the exp. given by a mob?

Several ways:
1. change the mob files so that they will give more/less exp.
2. set up and read from an exp table, so that a mob will give certain
amount of exp per lev.
3. increase/reduce the max_exp_gain in config.c
4. remove max_exp_gain totally to get the full exp gainable, or use a
formula to limit exp obtained base on player level.

Just throwing some ideas around. Hope this will help. Hmm... hope what
I wrote is correct for that matter :P

Afizal Mustapa
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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