[IDEA] [EVALUTE] DragonBallZ type skills

From: Cervo (chrisf@ptd.net)
Date: 02/01/99

        Greetings from Planet X:
  I was wondering if it sounds totally crazy to change the mana system to
something resembling DragonBallZ.  Where players can do power moves like
shooting fireballs, extra attacks, and power blocks that consume mana.
Mana can be regenerated by sleep, or it can be taken from the environment
around the player.  Each room has a supply of mana in it that is reset with
every zone reset.  A player can channel this mana into his mana meter with
the channel skill that all players get.  Also instead of a mana bar, the
mana bar and life bar combine into one bar.  A pkilling contest would
pretty much go blast opponent with all of the power you can spare without
dying, flee, run around the zone channeling energy, then return to the
battle.  In addition I was thinking of the spirit bomb, destructo disks,
normal enhanced healing, and other stuff.  I am wondering if all this just
sounds mentally insane, and will make a circle mud suck more than Monica,
or if it will make the circle mud better than Bill Clinton's sex life.
  I wonder if this might make the mud too easy as life can be regenerated
just by going room to room and stuff like that.  Or if this might make the
mud too hard having all special moves drain life.  *shrugs*

Cervo: The redoC retsaM and leader of the MWO

Totally unrelated babble that just slipped into my mind somehow:  I wonder
if it would be a good idea to add my own implementation of pointers to a
circle mud, that includes block consolodation and garbage collection to
eliminate the free space holes and have one giant free block with memory.
Then run the garbage collector during already costly database operations
with olc or something where players expect a delay.  Perhaps to even go
further to hide all of this ugly detail a class with a really basic
interface is in order.  Oh well this is just another babbling on session to
stir up some conversation and flames *grin*
*Are you tired of idiots running the world?  Do you wish a* *megalomaniac
would just conquer the world?   Well look no* *further...MWO(Mole Fudge
World Order) Muhahahahahahahahah*

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