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From: Fizal (
Date: 02/02/99

---Cervo <chrisf@PTD.NET> wrote:
>Mana can be regenerated by sleep, or it can be taken from the
>environment around the player.  Each room has a supply of mana in it
>that is reset with every zone reset.  A player can channel this mana
>into his mana meter with the channel skill that all players get.

There are some muds out there that incorporated something called "free
energy" in their environment/weather system for each zone, which
increases every tick up to a certain limit. Maybe you can do something
like that was well, and reduces the free energy when players channel
it into themselves. Or maybe even release some back into the
environment when players cast spells (offensive only?) or do power

>Also instead of a mana bar, the mana bar and life bar combine into one
>bar.  A pkilling contest would pretty much go blast opponent with all
>of the power you can spare without dying, flee, run around the zone
>channeling energy, then return to the battle.

Hmm... don't remember if DragonBall actually combine them together.
But they did mention that gathering too much energy inside oneself can
cause bodily harm. If you do however, pkilling contest would be more
then just an attempt to blast your opponent. Those participating will
really have to think and plan well. If not, they'll be spending too
much power for blasting and won't have enough to survive an attack.

>I wonder if this might make the mud too easy as life can be regenerated
>just by going room to room and stuff like that.  Or if this might make
>the mud too hard having all special moves drain life.

It would depend on how you set everything up (skills, spells, energy
convertion, etc). If everything balances well, then it'll be okay. The
trick is finding that balance tho... :) You could make it so that they
have to concentrate (must be alone in the room?) in order to channel
the energy and can't move while doing it. Or even make it so that the
convertion rate depends on the amount of free energy left. So, if
there's a lot of people participating in the pkilling contest (let's
say in a zone), and all of them start to channel like hell, the amount
of free energy will be depleted very fast.

Making the mud too hard? Maybe... unless you've hit the balance. But
it would be more then just hack-and-slash, coz you'll need to think up
strategies and plans. Right now, you can just use up all your mana to
blast mobs/players, and then hope that your hp will hold till the end
of the fight. If you succeed, they'll have more to worry about, yet
make them feel more involved in the fight. I mean, if a player sets up
zmud to cast offensive spells every round, how sure is he/she that it
won't drain the char of its own life force? :)

One thing tho, this is a kewl idea....

Afizal Mustapa
Petaling Jaya, Malaysia

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