Re: [CODE] [QUESTIONS] Mprog_Delay && Swedish alphabet

From: Daniel Koepke (
Date: 02/02/99

Jeremy Music wrote:

> I played with smaug, it's standard mobprogs, as much as my mobprogs
> are still standard after my changes for specific situations that
> came up.

No.  SMAUG's scripting system is derived from mobprogs, but since so
much has been changed "standard" doesn't apply.  If you change the
syntax and the functionality, it no longer conforms to the standard.

> While I imagine it might be possible to incorporate mobprogs
> without the melding process, this seems like a lot of work when it
> is so much easier to meld it in rather than using extra includes
> and weird defines and macros. I stand behind the statement that
> mobprogs have been added into ALL of the above (with varying
> degrees of modification of course).

No, most of them didn't have anything added -- they had mobprogs in
them because they were derived from a base that incorperated them.
But as I said, this is more of an aside than anything else.

> > DikuII uses
> Diku, I've never even been on a DikuII.


> > The original DIKU code base does not have mobprogs,
> I guarantee it does.

No, it doesn't.  Mobprogs were created several years after DIKU was
first released, since Merc is a derivative of DIKU.  If a few MUDs
using the original DIKU code have mobprogs, it doesn't make it any
more standard.  See below.

> Again, wan't a discussion of stockness, but of standardness.

Look, a few dozen MUDs supporting it doesn't make it standard.

> I thought they came from Death's Gate, could be wrong.

Of course dg_scripts come from Death's Gate.  I meant that they
originated in NiM.

However, this has degenerated into a battle of semantics, since it's
primarily down to a matter of what "standard" means.  It's rather
fruitless to argue over -- even though I have the Oxford English
Dictionary at my command, words are still subjective.

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