Re: [Newbie][code]Going away from the mana system

From: Klaus Myrseth (
Date: 02/01/99

The mailer says Plain Text but I don't trust it, hope its not HTML.....Sorry
if its so....

I was just wondering if anyone had gone away from the mana system
entirely and made sort of a memorization system. If I wanted to
implement this how would I do it?
Ok i have done this, what you need is two arrays that tells how many spell
slots you have at each spell level (like AD&D(tm) ), and one array to keep
the bonus spells for high will allso find a way of dividing your
spellevels over the caracter levels and so on, but that is up to you...Then
you should make two new commands, one that shows all spells divided on
spellevel, and one that shows your memorization status..., you will allso
want to remove the mana code that is spesific to players, and add a memtick
update function in handler.c i think (its been a while since i did this),
and then you will have to rewrite do_cast, i dont have a patch for this or i
dont want to make a patch either....but my version has come to over 1000
code lines, so its a large project to start. The best you can do is connect
and try get me online (addy in the bottom) then ask me questions as you go .

I got flamed last time i asked about this, but after i have tried it out i
still think it kicks the mana system....when i get the system balanced i
will have the possibility to have thougher spells than with the manasystem
and still be in balance. A healer that is high level can cast a lot of
spells, but have to use lesser spells aswell, so a healer will not only cast
heal, he will have to use cure critic and cure serious and maby eaven cure
light to help the group the best way.

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