[Newbie][code]Going away from the mana system

From: anthony benjamin (benjamin@powerweb.net)
Date: 02/01/99

I was just wondering if anyone had gone away from the mana system
entirely and made sort of a memorization system. If I wanted to
implement this how would I do it?
What I would want to do would be as follows:
You memorize a spell. Then after say a tick or so. You can cast it. Then
instead of being able to cast numerous instances of spells, you would
only be able to memorize and fill 'slots' you had for say circle 1
spells, and circle 2 spells....

anyone got any ideas??
also...has anyone implemented a spell called hold person? That will
hold/freeze a person from combat for say 3 combat ticks, and still allow
the other person to cast/attack. How would I go about making a spell to
do this? I looked at the immort freeze command, but that isn't quite
what I want it to do.

anthony - newbie coder
"I have read the FAQ."

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