Re: [Newbie][code]Going away from the mana system

From: Patrick Dughi (
Date: 02/01/99

> also...has anyone implemented a spell called hold person? That will
> hold/freeze a person from combat for say 3 combat ticks, and still allow
> the other person to cast/attack. How would I go about making a spell to
> do this? I looked at the immort freeze command, but that isn't quite
> what I want it to do.
        Yes, you can do this - just make it in the following way - you
already have a 'wait state' - set that.  However, inorder to not fight -
back - just add a check in your fight functions, add a flag like
'AFF_HOLD' and if it exists, don't allow them to fight back.

        Now, in the function that runs every violence pulse and decrements
the wait state just check to see if they also have that affectation, and
if so, remove the spell..

        That way, your hold spell can also cause something like +80 ac
(remember, lower is better), and as long as the spell is removed after _X_
violence rounds, it will only last as long as they're held (as opposed to
say, 1 spell hour or more).


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