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From: Daniel A. Koepke (
Date: 02/01/99

On Mon, 01 Feb 1999, you wrote:

>Yes, the fact that dg_scripts (so far as I have seen) are circlemud
>specific, and therefore less standard than mobprogs which have been melded

No.  Wrong.  Smaug doesn't use "standard mobprogs" -- they changed the syntax.
Neither SIlly nor Dale incorperate mobprogs in stock, and I'm unaware of any
patches (which is beside the point, keep reading).  Since neither have had a
release in a considerable period of time, it's extremely unlikely either
features mobprogs.  Next, it's misleading to say mobprogs were added into over
half of those you mentioned.  Since the code was originally written for Merc and
ported to ROM, all derivatives therein *use* mobprogs, but haven't had it "melded
into" the code.  I realize that the last is beside the point you were
trying to make, but its nonetheless true.

VME does not, under any stretch of the imagination, use mobprogs.  DikuII uses
a proprietary script system which is far beyond mobprogs or dg_scripts in terms
of functionality.  If you want to know more, go to their website -- it has
complete documentation (the address eludes me, however).

The original DIKU code base does not have mobprogs, nor does Copper.  I don't
recall them being in Archipelago.  Nor does stock Envy or Merc have them.  A
patch is available for Merc and may or may not be for Envy.  Whether such
functionality is available through additions/patches is moot when we're talking
about "standard."

To revise your list to be truthful: Circle.  ROM and derivatives.  Some
derivatives of Envy.  Since most of the derivatives of ROM aren't worth the
time spent untarring them (pretty much just stock ROM with a new class or two),
I would go so far as to cull the list to about three or four bases that support
mobprogs.  Still more than dg_scripts, but not even nearing standard.  And I'm
fairly cerain dg_scripts is derived from NiMUD (a code base that I used to, and
still do if I ever want to make a release, maintain).  That makes it about
even, now doesn't it?

>I know I added in mobprogs on top of DG scripts purely because they are
>more standard and therefore a lot more people know how to use them.

Both a false assumption and an argument that doesn't factor in ease-of-use in
the first place.  IMHO, dg_scripts has cleaner, more consistent and
understandable syntax.  For those who don't know either, dg_scripts are much
easier.  For those familiar with mobprogs, the transition is well worth the

>Both are good systems, I'd love to see DG scripts get picked up by some
>other codebases, but the lack of documentation on DG scripts is annoying.

The mobprog documentation isn't exactly good.  If you want dg_script
documentation, get to writing it.

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