Re: [_NOT_ Newbie] Assigning Spec procs to generated objects.

From: Fafhrd (
Date: 02/01/99

You're second method is the right track, imho. I personally have never
like -1 objects, so I have prototypes for just about everything, and a
default vnum for the rest.
How I add procs on the fly, is by creating a new ITEM_ for each one, such as
ITEM_SWITCH. In read_object, I ended it with a switch statement that auto
assigns the procs to the item types as needed. You could also add a few
isnames in there, to specialize a bit more, eg if (GET_OBJ_TYPE(obj) ==
ITEM_FOOD && isname(GET_OBJ_NAME(obj), "waybread") .
Of course I can't add all my procs this way, but the more common ones make
the builders life much simpler.

Erik Madison
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From: Patrick Dughi <dughi@IMAXX.NET>
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Date: Monday, February 01, 1999 10:23 AM
Subject:   [_NOT_ Newbie] Assigning Spec procs to generated

>        In a nutshell, I'm trying to think of a good system to adopt so
>that I can assign specprocs to generated items - like corpses, mail, etc.
>Currently, they're assigned in the following way;
>  obj_index[real_object(obj)].func = fname
>        However, when real_object(obj) is performed on a unique object, we
>get -1, which of course, won't work.  With my current incarnation of
>xap_objs, I ran into this problem, and avoided some crashes, i'm sure,
>which would have been quite wonderful, had I actually started to assign
>spec_procs to these objects.
>        I wanted to include an oasis olc addon and I know that some people
>(including me) have the ability in their olc to assign specprocs, and
>since the individual object editor mimics the normal oediter, it should be
>an option.... That brings up a related point -
>        Say I take and instead of making an object unique from 'scratch',
>I make it off a prototype.  So, we have oh.. i don't know.. a waybread.
>The vnum is 10.  Now, when I iedit (that is, use an individual object
>editor) that object, I can change all its stats, and its saved exactly
>like that on that instance on that object. If I include the ability to set
>a spec proc on it though - now to make that work, I have to alter the
>global table - suddenly all waybreads (and altered instances of waybreads
>- anything with the same rnum) exhibit the property of that specproc.
>        This wouldn't be the intended behavior of the action - I just want
>that instance to have the proc...
>        Possibly it would be better to remove the spec_procs from each
>global index, and have their own list (well, three of them to make life
>easy, I suppose).....
>        This might be easier then, because you'd have an index of
>spec_procs you can use, and upon loading your mob, you set the current mob
>to point at a spec_proc.  It would make the process of assigning spec
>procs online a bit easier, since all you have to do is point at an index.
>                Or, any other ideas?
>                                                PjD
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