Re: [NEWBIE][CODE][HELP]Basic Outline

From: *Erekosė* (
Date: 02/01/99

> I posted a while back (check the archives for a question that might have
> been asked before) that I took the latest (at that time) version of
> Circle and patched in OLC+ (latest version at that time) and put it on
> my web page for access.
> ONE CATCH, You have to RE-RUN the configure for YOUR machine.
> It should help.

First I just want to say thanks for all the help everyone has been giving
me. OK the first time I compiled all I did was do the renaming like it says.
makefile.bcc to makefile and to conf.h.  I do that and it makes.
I downloaded the file you told me to and do that same thing and it doesn't
make. I got an error in act.wizard.c here is the line:

Error act.wizard.c 2629: Illegal initialization in function do_tedit

I don't know how come it's giving me the error. It could be because
something in the conf.h or the makefile is messed up. But I can't really run
a configure script on my machine because I'm just compiling with Borland C++
5 and I didn't run the configure in the first place. Well I know I'm kinda
out of my league but if anyone can offer an sort of help.


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