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From: Jeremy Music (
Date: 02/01/99

On Mon, 1 Feb 1999, Daniel A. Koepke wrote:

> On Mon, 01 Feb 1999, you wrote:
> >Yes, the fact that dg_scripts (so far as I have seen) are circlemud
> >specific, and therefore less standard than mobprogs which have been melded
> >into:
> >circle/rom/envy/diku/merc/smaug/rot/gw/mythran/vme/copper/RoA/EoS/Anatolia/
> >Wurm/ACK/Ember/Archipelago/Silly/Dale/Oblivion
> No.  Wrong.  Smaug doesn't use "standard mobprogs" -- they changed the syntax.

I played with smaug, it's standard mobprogs, as much as my mobprogs are
still standard after my changes for specific situations that came up.

> Neither SIlly nor Dale incorperate mobprogs in stock, and I'm unaware of any
> patches (which is beside the point, keep reading).

Ok, first statement, circlemud doesn't include DG or mobprogs in stock, that
was never a point.  Second statement, patch?  Anyway, I've seen a Dale
advertised with mobprogs, and know of several Silly's with mobprogs, check

> Next, it's misleading to say mobprogs were added into over
> half of those you mentioned.  Since the code was originally written for Merc and
> ported to ROM, all derivatives therein *use* mobprogs, but haven't had it "melded
> into" the code.  I realize that the last is beside the point you were
> trying to make, but its nonetheless true.

While I imagine it might be possible to incorporate mobprogs without the
melding process, this seems like a lot of work when it is so much easier to
meld it in rather than using extra includes and weird defines and macros.
I stand behind the statement that mobprogs have been added into ALL of the
above (with varying degrees of modification of course).

> VME does not, under any stretch of the imagination, use mobprogs.

I meant VIE anyway, and believe there is an ad on mudconnector for a VIE
with mobprogs, objectprogs, and roomprogs.  I saw it somewhere (ever do a
search for "mud server code" anytime, just to see what all was available?)

> DikuII uses

Diku, I've never even been on a DikuII.

> The original DIKU code base does not have mobprogs,

I guarantee it does.

> nor does Copper.

Go look up Hubis on mudconnector

> I don't recall them being in Archipelago.

Tempora Heroica  <-- cool mud

> Nor does stock Envy or Merc have them.  A patch is available for Merc and may
> or may not be for Envy.

Again, wan't a discussion of stockness, but of standardness.

> Whether such functionality is available through additions/patches is moot when
> we're talking about "standard."

Sample conversation (based on a true story):
You say, 'Do you have any experience with building?'
Builder says, 'Yes, I've built on 2 smaug muds and 1 rom.'
You say, 'Good, then you'll have no problems with our mobprogs.'

> To revise your list to be truthful:

I believe I did.

> And I'm fairly cerain dg_scripts is derived from NiMUD (a code base that I
> used to, and still do if I ever want to make a release, maintain).  That
> makes it about even, now doesn't it?

I thought they came from Death's Gate, could be wrong.

> >I know I added in mobprogs on top of DG scripts purely because they are
> >more standard and therefore a lot more people know how to use them.
> Both a false assumption and an argument that doesn't factor in ease-of-use in
> the first place.  IMHO, dg_scripts has cleaner, more consistent and
> understandable syntax.  For those who don't know either, dg_scripts are much
> easier.  For those familiar with mobprogs, the transition is well worth the
> trouble.

I will give DG scripts its due and compliment the variables.  Other than
that they both seem to have about the same learning curve for complete

> >Both are good systems, I'd love to see DG scripts get picked up by some
> >other codebases, but the lack of documentation on DG scripts is annoying.
> The mobprog documentation isn't exactly good.  If you want dg_script
> documentation, get to writing it.

I write helps on my code changes  :)  I consider that fulfilment of my
documentation duty.

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