From: Alaron (
Date: 02/03/99

Ok, I have circle30bpl11 modified a bit, What i have done is added a
remort system. <the one i wrote to the list> and it works finexcept for
the practices. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to make it so
players can prac a spell from thier remorted class and ONLY the spells
from remort and current class?

What I have here will allow for a player to practice skills of thier
remorted class <and ONLY those skills/spells>, however if you are a
warrior and have skills, you can practice ANY skill and only remorted

The same is true if you are a Magic user and were a warrior. You can only
practice skills that you had as warrior, but you can practice ANY spell
like heal from cleric for example.

VIRT_LVL is a define that i have to make it so your class pracs at the
level it is supposed to be, not your current level.

I.E. Malcor is a lvl 25 warrior, now I have all the skills of Warrior, and
I remort to a mage. Now I am a lvl 26 mage and Remorted warrior.

I do a prac and see only lvl 1 mage and ALL warrior skills/spells.
However when i practice, I can practice ANY spell and ALL warrior skills.

  if ((VIRT_LVL <
    spell_info[skill_num].min_level[(int)GET_CLASS(ch)]) &&
(GET_LEVEL(ch) < (spell_info[skill_num].min_level[(int)GET_REMORT(ch)]) &&
    spell_info[skill_num].min_level[(int)GET_REMORT_TWO(ch)]) &&
    sprintf(buf, "&1You do not know of that %s.\r\n&0", SPLSKL(ch));
    send_to_char(buf, ch);
    return 1;

Thanks in advance

Malcor the hairless coder :)

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